A DETERMINED hobby farmer left paralysed by a car accident has designed a hoist so he can use his tractor again.

Martin Murphy, 37, lost the use of his legs when he suffered paralysis from the chest down following an accident while on his way to work as a carpenter in 2013.

In an effort to recover some independence, the dad of one designed a hoist to lift him into the tractor after seeing a similar engineering feat on TV.

“After I was paralysed, I spent three months in the National Rehabilitation Centre in Dun Laoghaire which helped me hugely and made me realise and accept that I would never, ever walk again,” he said.

“But thankfully I still have the use of my hands and have also returned to doing a bit of carpentry. I’ve been making penal crosses for a priest up in Fermanagh.

“I also work hobby farming on my dad’s 100 acre beef farm and I wanted to get back into it but I’d literally have to haul myself into the tractor and rely on someone to help me out.”

“I got it before Christmas but only used it for the first time on the annual Tullyallen Tractor Run in aid of the Northeast Cancer Research and Education Trust (NECRET) last Thursday.

“The tractor is also specially adapted for me but my dad and brother can also use it.

“It only cost €1,100 for the hoist and the seat and then €700 for the hand controls - which is nothing when you think what it does for me. It gives me a bit of independence, it gets me out of the house and it keeps my head right. I have a really positive outlook on life going forward now.”