A YOUNG dancer needed a lifesaving transplant when a sore ankle turned out to be kidney failure.

Maddison Howard’s parents thought she had a sprain and took her for a check-up when she was nine in 2016.

X-rays found “bubbles” around her bone and tests proved the disease.

Doctors at first thought there had been a mix-up with the blood of an 80-year-old woman.

Maddison, now 11, is recovering after mum Clare donated her kidney at Leeds General Infirmary in May last year.

Maddison said she remembered being “a bit sick and dizzy” after the op but now felt amazing.

She added: “I’ll continue dancing forever.”

Clare, 45, who lives with hubby Paul in York, said: “I’d do it all again.”

"I had to go to Leeds quite a lot and have ultrasounds and went through quite a lot, just to make sure I was healthy enough and that I could cope with going through an operation."