A 43-year-old dad "thought he might die" when he was savaged by a pal's two Staffordshire Bull Terriers.

James Nicol, from Aberdeen, had to let the dogs rip his left leg to protect his throat and face.

He was visiting a friend and mistakenly thought the Staffies had been locked away in a bathroom.

But he was attacked when he walked through the front door without knocking.

Recalling the horrifying attack he said: "They were coming right at me and I had to protect my throat and face, so I grabbed a rug and just covered my face.

"I had no choice but to let them rip my left leg apart. I thought I might die. The pain was indescribable."

James managed to crawl out the Aberdeen flat following the attack on February 1 and dial 999.

He is still recovering in Aberdeen Royal Infirmary and could be left permanently disfigured.

Events manager James said: "Iíve had to have skin taken off my thigh so it can be grafted onto my legs.

"It will be a while before I can even try to put weight on my left leg. I will have to undergo physio.

"I could be left permanently disfigured, but the plastic surgeons have done a great job so far."

James, who lives at another flat in the same block, said: "My friend who lives in a different flat wanted to catch up. I told him I would only come to his flat if the dogs were locked away.

"I thought they had been locked in a bathroom but they somehow got out and came for me."

It's understood police were told there had been a misunderstanding as James entered the flat without knocking while his friend expected him to knock before securing the Staffies.

James said: "Iím just grateful my boy wasnít with me. He wouldnít have stood a chance.

"Iím just hoping to provide awareness of how dangerous and powerful these types of dogs are and that people should think twice regarding approaching such dogs."