A YOUNG dad has recounted how he woke up paralysed after going to bed with a sore back.

Callum Percival, 25, was rushed to hospital after he realised he couldn't move his legs - with doctors finding he had a malignant tumour in his spine.

Doctors rushed the young dad, from Bagillt, Flintshire, for emergency surgery at Walton Hospital.

He now faces an agonising wait that could last up to 12 months to see if he will ever be able to walk again.

His fiancée Alys Williams said Callum had been in pain for several months, thinking it was muscle pain.

She told The Daily Post: "But one Friday morning, he woke up numb with pins and needles in his legs.

"He went to work as normal that day, but when he came home, he complained that his legs felt heavy.

"It got worse over the weekend and, when it got to Sunday, he couldn’t walk at all. I had to help him out of bed."

The dad must now undergo cancer treatment, with it unclear how much the disease could have spread.

Despite the struggles, Callum has been kept strong thanks to daily visits from Alys, as well as their 11-month-old baby Henri.

And he has now been able to start to move one leg slightly, a positive development.

The family is now raising funds to help support Callum through GoFundMe.

Alys said: "Callum is eager to start physiotherapy as soon as possible."