A COUPLE have filmed themselves spinning their tiny daughter on a playground ride as she screams for it to stop.

The footage has sparked outrage from some who have dubbed it “child abuse” - but others have defended their actions telling people to "get a grip".

In the clip the little girl can be heard screaming that she “doesn’t like” the dish roundabout ride and repeating “I’m going to fall”.

When the girl finally gets off, clearly dizzy, she begins to cry and stumbles sideways struggling to keep her balance - as the mum and the man filming laugh.

In a second clip, the girl again says “I don’t like it mummy, I don’t like it” and she is lifted off onto the ground.

The tot immediately falls forward and lands on the ground while the two adults laugh in the background.

The mum, from Bradford, uploaded the clip to Facebook but was quickly inundated by trolls who have dubbed the video “vile”, “evil” and “child abuse”.

The footage was then reposted and thousands of users piled in to say they would report the mum to the police.

The mum strenuously denies any child abuse and said they were just “having fun” and that the youngster was not traumatised as many had claimed.

She now claims to have reported herself to police.

One Facebook user uploaded the footage with the caption: “These are the videos she put up. She thinks this is acceptable.”

On social media, one wrote: “She needs reporting to social services, this is 110% child abuse.”

Another said: “This is disgusting and pure evil. She is a little child for god sake not a flipping toy.”

But others argued that social media users were over reacting to the clip.

One said: “Was it just me or did I miss something? I hate being dizzy so I know exactly how the kid feels and it's certainly not a form of child abuse.”

And another told people they "need to get a grip" for their comments.

In the comments section of the Facebook post, the mum weighed in to defend herself.

She wrote: “It blew up so fast. She’s happily asleep in bed. People are going on like I killed someone.”

And in another post the mum wrote: “I’m waiting on police. I called myself. The can see the videos and the rest around them, my child is perfectly happy and not traumatised. Let the police do their job.

“Sharing it around the whole of Facebook won’t change anything. I can see how bad it looks yes, but no one was actually there. No point trying to defend myself though.”

She added: “People need to stop jumping to conclusions there’s other videos of her asking to go on it and her enjoying herself. I can’t justify it. We were having fun. I have spoken to the police, let them do their job. She’s now asking if i’m ok.”

A spokesman for West Yorkshire Police said they could not help establish if the incident had been reported due to data protection laws.

The mum in the video told Sun Online she had no comment but pointed out she had death threats and moved into police protection.