A COUPLE are being forced to move out of their spacious London flat because the noise of their neighbour's 11 kids has become unbearable.

Lydia Scott and her boyfriend Tristan moved into the £1,300-a-month Stoke Newington property in May, and from day one they have regularly been kept up until 1am by the brood upstairs.

The 31-year-old charity worker told the Daily Mail the deal seemed too good to be true, with a large living space and balcony.

She said: “We heard thumping and running about upstairs, it sounded like someone was moving furniture around too.”

But that noise never ceased.

The couple met the neighbours to complain, and although they were “really nice” the noise has been constant.

She said: “We asked them to try and keep the kids from running about above our bedroom. And that's got a bit better.

“The dad even gave me his number so I can text him when it gets too out of hand, he's really nice about it.

“But they've got 11 children - it's going to be noisy no matter what.”

Scott’s mother died from cancer in September and she's found not being able to relax at home really hard.

The couple will be leaving the moment the lease runs out in May.

“Finding somewhere in London takes so much time and energy, and with everything that's happened in the last six months we can't face it right now.”