JEREMY Corbyn risked outrage from Labour ‘Remainers’ by refusing to officially throw support behind a second referendum - saying there were still “other options”.

Shadow Brexit ministers insisted Labour would immediately back a ‘People’s Vote’ after its alternative Brexit plan was defeated by 323 votes to 240 in the Commons.

Shadow Brexit Secretary Keir Starmer announced Labour would now move to the next step of backing a second referendum - telling the Commons: “If this amendment is defeated and the PM refuses to negotiate a close economic relationship, Labour will support or put forward an amendment in favour of a public vote. That public vote would include a credible leave option and Remain.

“It could be attached to the Prime Minister’s deal, what I’ve called a lock against a damaging Tory Brexit. Or it could be attached to any deal that managed to win a majority in the House of Commons.”

But a spokesman for Mr Corbyn’s spokesman contradicted them - saying a second referendum was only one of several options.

The spokesman said: “We support a public vote in order to prevent no deal or a damaging Tory Brexit.

“But of course we will continue to push for the other options as well to prevent those outcomes including our alternative plan, or a close economic relationship based on our alternative plan and of course also - if possible - a General Election.”

And in a further sign of division, Unite boss Len McCluskey declared there was “little support for a second referendum” among Britain’s factory workers.

In the Commons on Tuesday, Labour MP for Stoke Central Gareth Snell attacked his party’s Brexit policy - claiming it appeared as though it wanted to reverse Brexit “at any cost”.

But the new Independent Group of MPs attacked Labour for failing to back their second referendum amendment in Tuesday night’s votes, which meant it didn’t even get called for a vote.

Chris Leslie blasted: “Today yet another chance has been missed to secure a People’s Vote and break this Brexit impasse.”

Meanwhile last night the US billionaire David Rubenstein said a second referendum was “the only solution” that could break the Brexit impasse.

He claimed Brexit was hurting US economic growth. He told a private equity conference in Berlin: “It’s difficult for an American to come to Europe and tell Europeans how to run their country because we haven’t run ours perfectly.

“So it’s hard for me to give advice to people in England.

“But I do think that the only solution that I can see that would make sense to resolve this problem is a revote. The first vote was — you could say — not relatively informed because it wasn’t clear what Brexit really meant. Now it is clear.”