CHRISTINE Hamilton has been axed by TWO charities as an ambassador after she compared burkas to the white hoods of the Ku Klux Klan.

Ukip politician Neil Hamilton's "bonkers" wife has been given the boot by Muscular Dystrophy UK and Balls to Cancer after she questioned whether the white hoods of the KKK were acceptable because the burka was.

The Welsh Assembly member's partner sparked outrage with her comments, and the charity said it had severed all ties with her.

The author and reality TV star said in a tweet: "If the #burka is acceptable then presumably this is too?"

But she claimed she was not trying to compare Muslim women with the white supremacist group.

The former I'm A Celebrity Star tried to argue she did know the difference and was highlighting "how full facial cover can be sinister, which is how many people view the burka".

In another tweet she admitted she had offended people, and took the charity's name off her profile page.

But she has not apologised for the comments.

Muscular Distrophy, which she has helped with since 2013, said it opposed "prejudice and discrimination" and had severed all links with her.

A spokesman said her comments were made in a personal capacity and do not "in any way" represent the charity's position.

"We believe in a diverse and inclusive society, respect for all and we oppose all forms of prejudice and discrimination," he said.

Chief executive Robert Meadowcroft said that the decision to end her role "fully reflects the values of the charity".

And Balls to Cancer told The Mirror they asked her to stand down.

A spokesperson said: "The tweet was on her personal account and in no way the opinions of Balls to Cancer.

"We would wholeheartedly like to thank her for her support and her work helping get our charity into the public eye and helping us save more lives."

Mr Hamilton previously led the Welsh branch of Ukip - and came under fire in recent weeks for saying Enoch Powell's racist rivers of blood speech was right.

Her remarks were made as part of the ongoing row over Boris Johnson's comments about the burka.

He faced a backlash after claiming that Muslim women wearing the dress looked like "bank robbers" and "letterboxes".

But the ex-foreign secretary, who is now facing a party probe for his remarks, stopped short of calling for a ban.

Furious Tories say the move is an attempt to weaken him ahead of a possible leadership challenge in the coming months.