CHRIS Eubank appears to pull off a cheeky parking scam by putting a ticket on his garish Bentley himself — to save 81p.

The boxing legend, 51, was not seen to pay after pulling up in Savile Row, but instead left his own PCN on the windscreen of the £160,000 car.

A witness said: “It was definitely a yellow parking ticket wrapper, which might make a warden think twice before issuing a ticket.

“If he can afford to shop in one of London’s most fashionable streets, why didn’t he pay to park there?”

Sporting a bow tie and police badge on his blue shirt resembling a cop in an American movie, Eubank left Cad and Dandy tailors after ten minutes, removed the parking ticket and drove off.

Eubank is a regular customer of the stop and had onlookers turning their heads as he rocked up in Mayfair driving his flash Bentley Continental GT.

Eubank has been declared a fashion icon on more than one occasion having won Britain's Best Dressed Man.

It is unclear if the boxing legend was picking up a parking ticket that had fallen off his car or if he was putting one on their so his car looked like it had one on it in case a traffic warden came calling.

Savile Row is famous for stores selling top-of-the-range tailored suits and draws wealthy customers looking to spare no expense.

Eubank, who was declared bankrupt in 2009, appeared to be on a mission as he stepped out of his car and headed for the plush store.

Parking in Savile Row costs £4.90 per hour or 81p for ten minutes.

Westminster Council said it is investigating. Eubank’s spokesman said the star is away.

After retiring from boxing in 1998, Eubank has ventured into other roles and was invited to take part in I'm A Celebrity in 2015.

He was the fourth person to be voted out after lasting 17 days in the jungle.