MODEL Chloe Ayling is the latest famous name to sign up to Celebrity Big Brother.

The mother-of-one has landed a £100,000 paycheck to appear on the show, according to the Daily Star.

Despite previously distancing herself from the show, Chloe has reportedly had a change of heart and is keen to show the British public the real her.

Chloe recently told her fans it was “good to be back” modelling after she enjoyed a round-the-world tour following her kidnap ordeal.

The 21-year-old posed in sheer black lingerie during a recent shoot in Bali and also flashed her backside in a photo taken in Singapore.

She has also posted snaps for her 35,500 followers on Instagram from Switzerland, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Malibu, Florence, the Maldives, and London in recent months.

It comes after mum-of-one Chloe, from South London, was lured to a bogus photoshoot in Italy last year and held captive for six days.
Her Polish captor Lukasz Herba, 30, was jailed for 16 years last month following a trial in Milan.

However, Chloe will be called to testify at the trial of one of Herba's brother Michal, 37.

The elder Herba brother faces an Italian court in October after UK judges extradited him in June.

His lawyer Simone Zancani said: “He was extradited with assurances of a fair trial.

“For that to happen Chloe will have to testify and be cross-examined.

“There are lots of questions to be answered.”