HAUNTING CCTV footage reveals a child killer shopping for groceries just hours before he was knifed to death.

David Gaut, 54, is seen shopping in Morrisons before he was allegedly stabbed 176 times 'by his neighbours' in "punishment" for killing a 15-month-old.

David Osborne, 51, allegedly teamed up with Ieuan Harley, 23, to carry out the brutal murder of their neighbour after discovering his chilling secret.

The pair are accused of luring Gaut to a flat in sleepy New Tredegar, Gwent, between August 1 and 4 last year after he was released from prison for murdering the tot in 1985.

Gaut was allegedly knifed 176 times before his fingernails were ripped out to "punish" him, jurors were told today.

CCTV footage released by cops shows Gaut buying tickets at Caerphilly train station at 11.39am - just hours before he was killed.

He can be seen wearing a dark jacket, white shirt and blue jeans as he walks along a train platform.

Gait was also captured on CCTV in a Morrisons supermarket on August 2.

Jurors have heard how Gaut, who battered his girlfriend's baby son Chi Ming Shek to death, was discovered dead the next day by cops after another neighbour raised the alarm.

Harley and Osborne had allegedly dragged his dead body back to his own flat as they set about cleaning up the bloodbath and torching a car to "destroy incriminating items".

Prosecutor Ben Douglas-Jones QC told the court previously how Osborne wanted to "confront" Gaut after learning his next-door neighbour was a child killer.

Harley is then said to have become "irate" and told the others he wanted to "chop him up and put him down the plughole".

The alleged killer also complained about the "f***ing smell" after Gaut was stabbed to death, the court was told.

A pathologist found at least 150 stab wounds all over Gaut's body from at least one knife and a screwdriver, which was discovered in the folds of a dressing gown he was wearing.

He had also been slashed a further 26 times after he died, the jury were told.

Gaut was jailed in 1985 for murder and released on parole in November 2017 when he moved to the quiet village.

Osborne had discovered his grisly secret after researching him on the internet, it was said.

Gaut was babysitting Jane Pickthall's son - also known as Marky - when he battered the tot and kicked and burned the sole of his foot.

When Jane, then aged 23, returned home from a day boozing she romped with Gaut before finding her son's dead body under a chest of drawers.

The baby died of multiple injuries - including a broken arm, injured liver and spleen and a fractured skull.

Osborne and Harley deny murder, while Darran Evesham, 47, was earlier acquitted of his murder on the direction of the judge.

Harley and Evesham also deny perverting the course of justice, which Osborne admits.

The trial continues.