NEWLY uncovered tapes reveal the twisted inner workings of the Manson Family murder cult.

They show the dark side of hippy culture – a drug fuelled indoctrination camp where members were expected to experiment in every form of sex, whether they wanted to or not, and introduced to weapons.

Family member Sandra Good, known as ‘Sandy’ or Blue, throws the group's blood determination into sharp relief: “If we were unarmed we would chew their necks off, anything, claw their eyes out."

She says: "Whatever’s necessary to do, you do it. When somebody needs to be killed, there’s no wrong, you do it.

“And you move on and you kill whoever gets in your way. This is us.

“And they know it… Whatever people have been asking for, we’ll give it to ‘em”.

The whole time, the dark side to their leader, Charles Manson, was emerging even as he set himself up as a Jesus-like figure to his new disciples.

It would culminate in the terrible butchery of pregnant Hollywood actress, Sharon Tate, in her home along with her friends.

They were murdered, suffering 102 stab wounds, and their blood used to scrawl the word “pig” on the walls by crazed cult members known as “The Family”.

The new footage was discovered by British producer Simon Andreae, and turned into a two-part documentary series.

Footage from the tapes had been aired once before, but only briefly.

They had belonged to filmmaker Robert Hendrickson, who had been given exclusive access to the Manson cult 50 years ago.

His own documentary, Manson, was released in 1973 but banned shortly afterwards.

A private investigator discovered Hendrickson had died, but left behind a vast collection of footage, interviews and photos.

Manson: The Lost Tapes contains interviews with cult members and experts to present the full story.

They tells how Manson assembled a group of young followers in a commune, four of whom would go on to commit the most infamous series of murders in US history.

The first programme tells the story of how recently-paroled Charles Manson drew his young followers in with drugs and free love.

He set himself up as a Jesus Christ figure, and began to put together his ‘Helter Skelter’ plan – a race war between blacks and whites.

The murders of seven affluent white LA residents were intended by Manson to be blamed on the Black Panthers, in order to ignite the war.

In a new interview Dianne Lake, nicknamed ‘Snake’ in the cult, tells how she joined when she was just 14 and explains that many of the other youngsters had come from difficult family backgrounds.

The Mirror reports her testimony: “My mom and dad were not the warm, fuzzy hugging variety, they really weren’t, and I think that I needed to feel that.”

Dianne recounts how she asked Manson to make love to her and he responded by brutally sexually assaulting her, revealing the true darkness of his character.

She says: “It was more than just a rejection, he abused me, he hurt me.

“It was like, ‘Don’t you dare ask me for sex.’”

At the ranch there existed a diet scavenged food from dumpsters, and drugs.

Catherine Share, nicknamed ‘Gypsy’, tells of her experiences taking LSD with Manson.

She says: “I wasn’t aware of the fact that he was taking less or none at all. I was aware of the fact that he always seemed like he was in control and I was not.”

Former cult member Paul Watkins explains Manson was the main sexual attraction, especially for the girls.

He says: “He said the whole universe is one great big f**k. Everything. He said it was everything... That’s all they ever did, was try to get Charlie to make love to them.

“All the guys had to get over all their homosexual things by doing everything that you could possibly think of doing with guys.

“All the girls had to do everything they could possibly think of doing with girls.

“And any kind of combination that you could possibly think of.”

Speaking in the original footage, Paul Watkins says: “It’d be more like fear is what they were experiencing.

“Charlie said that fear was love. Charlie said that fear, love and awareness were the same thing. The more fear you had, the more awareness you had, the more love you had.”

Cult member Brooks Poston recounts how Manson worked on convincing the members he was a Jesus-type figure.

He says: “He looked like, acted like, said the right words at the right time, so to me he was JC, or Christ.”

It worked, explains Dianne. She says: “We did kind of think of ourselves as his disciples.”

Ahead of the horrific 1969 LA murders, Manson was described as becoming increasingly paranoid, and devised a plan for what he believed would be a race war, named after the Beatles song Helter Skelter, which would place downtrodden black people at the top of society.

Catherine says: “He taught us to hold a knife so it was, like, part of our fist, and that’s how you do it with a shiv (knife) in prison.

“How to flick it open… We put oil on it and flicked it open like a switchblade. And it was going to be our forever survival tool.”

Paul Watkins recounds that three months before Manson hand-picked a group of disciples to begin the killings, he confided in him how good it felt to kill, and also made a grim prediction.

“He said that one day that up in the mountains of Bel Air and in Beverly Hills that there would be some atrocious murders, that there would be blood splattered over everything.

“That people would be chopped to pieces and cut up with knives and there would be things written on the walls in blood.”

Charles Manson died in November last year of a heart attack in prison aged 83.