Zimbabwe's opposition leader Nelson Chamisa has vowed to rename the country to "Great Zimbabwe" saying the current name is "cursed", the New Zimbabwe news site reports.

"Zimbabwe cannot remain Zimbabwe, because it has been turned into Zimbabwe ruins," Mr Chamisa told thousands of supporters at a rally in the eastern city of Mutare on Sunday.

"The name Zimbabwe is cursed as you can see our national soccer team always lose matches - cricket team is always defeated, volleyball is always defeated," he added.

A Twitter account which monitors Zimbabwe media shared a video of Mr Chamisa's comment at a rally on Saturday where he made the same comments.

The 40-year-old politician aims to be president in the 30 July election - the first after longtime leader Robert Mugabe left office.

He told supporters on Sunday: "We will be renaming it to Great Zimbabwe in line with the greatness which is coming."

Mr Chamisa and President Emmerson Mnangagwa are considered the frontrunners in the presidential race.