Zimbabwe's main opposition leader Nelseon Chamisa has criticised the country's leader over the handling of protests against the hike in fuel prices, saying that he was no different to his predecessor, Robert Mugabe.

The hike was announced by President Emmerson Mnangagwa sparking protests in the capital, Harare, and south-western Bulawayo city.

Activists say at least 12 people were killed after police violently repressed the protests.

Speaking to the BBC, Mr Chamisa - who leads the MDC party - said the excitement that had followed the resignation of Mr Mugabe had died down.

The only difference is that Mr Mnangagwa seems to be worse, worse because he's using the army against protesters, against demonstrators but also against the MDC in a very bad way... In fact, all the enthusiasm and euphoria that gripped the nation when Mr Mugabe exited has just died down and petered out because what we are seeing is a worse off situation."

He also criticised Mr Mnangagwa's handling of the economy.

The economy is totally going southwards. It is in bad shape, the economic meltdown is a manifestation of the absence of confidence in the market but absence of confidence is necessitated by the political crisis and the political stalemate in the country, occasioned by disputed elections, occasioned by a deficit of good governance, a deficit of democracy.

So that political instability is obviously affecting economic viability. You can't have economic viability where there's no political stability, where there's no comprehensive economic reforms. Corruption is rampant and Mr Mnangagwa is responsible for the corruption because he has been part of the system together under Mr Mugabe's regime."