THE BBC has removed the word “snowpeople” from a kids’ show after parents branded it “politically-correct garbage”.

Host Catie Munnings, 21, tells CBeebies’ Catie’s Amazing Machines: “Snow is amazing. You get to build snowpeople and go sledging.”

A source at the BBC said bosses were flooded with protests — a month after The Sun revealed the Beeb’s use of gender-free terms. Dad Simon Guard tweeted: “Put CBeebies on for my daughter and they are referring to ‘snowpeople’.

“More PC garbage and indoctrination from the BBC. Another reason to abolish the licence fee.”

Another dad called Chris blasted: “So we can’t say snowman any more.” Repeats and a version on the iPlayer now see rally driver Catie saying: “Snow’s amazing, you get to play out and have fun”, before testing a snow plough.

The source said: “Bosses admitted defeat and edited the show. Goodness knows what they were thinking but it’s a rare case of common sense.”

BBC chiefs did not comment.