FORMER Dynasty star Catherine Oxenberg has revealed that her daughter, India, has reunited with her family after cutting ties with an alleged sex cult.

India Oxenberg, 27, has been a follower of the NXIVM group, an organisation her mother initially took her to in 2011 in order for the pair to do some self-help classes.

Oxenberg has given the NXIVM story to NBC News and the New York Attorney-General’s office in a public campaign to close down the alleged cult.

“I brought her in. And that’s why I feel responsible for getting her out … At first I felt horrendous guilt that I had participated in bringing my daughter into an organisation that was this deviant and dangerous,” she told NBC News’ Megyn Kelly. “Then I started to educate myself … I spoke to numerous experts and they said, “Would you stop blaming yourself? These cults are well-oiled machines. India never stood a chance.”’

The actress says India became part of a subsection of the group which branded founder Keith Raniere’s initials on her daughter and many other young women and used them as sex slaves.

Raniere, former Smallville actress Allison Mack, and four other women, including Seagram’s heiress, Clare Bronfman, have all been arrested for their alleged roles within the group.

“I said to India, ‘are you aware of what you’re branded with?’ And she said, ‘some Latin symbol’”, Oxenberg said. “So it’s very possible she was told it was a Latin symbol because a lot of the girls were not told it was Keith’s — and possibly Allison’s — initials.”

Oxenberg added: “She said it was character building.”

Oxenberg says her formerly estranged daughter has made the decision to reconnect with her family.

“So this is what she says in her own words: ‘I am moving on with my life. It’s a complex situation. I understand my mum’s struggle, and the people involved. I care for all of them very deeply. Right now, I would like privacy. And I will share my side of the story in the near future, in my own time,’” Oxenberg said.