FORGET Big Little Lies, a new, detailed survey has revealed what cashed-up mums on Sydney’s mega-affluent lower north shore are actually up to.

And, it has revealed that graveyards, car bonnets, public schools and golf courses are just some of the strange places Australia’s wealthiest mums have been getting-it-on in a quest to spice up their love lives.

The super-rich parents also admitted to taking part in orgies with old women, having threesomes, masturbating in the bathroom at work, having affairs and fantasising about ex-partners during sex.

The research from community website North Shore Mums looked at the sex habits of more than 800 mums in the sought-after suburbs.

In particular, it asked how mums changed their habits after having children and it found that 79 per cent of north shore parents were having less sex since becoming parents.

Less than 20 per cent were doing it more than once a week and foreplay was the thing they sacrificed most since having kids. Only 6 per cent said they engage in foreplay for longer than 15 minutes.

And, the mothers taking part in the survey explained why their sex lives have taken a hit.

“I’ve gained weight, I’m too tired and my mind is running with things to do,” one mother said. “I’m more likely to have sex if I have had a few wines. I do have a sneaky masturbate about once a week though.”

“I can’t be bothered,” answered another. “I would rather sleep. I am saggy and don’t like the way I look. I find it hard to believe that he finds me attractive.”

However, in an effort to spruce up their sex lives, North Shore mums have confessed to having sex in a number of bizarre locations.

They claim to have got jiggy with it at Thomas’ Rest cemetery in Crows Nest, on their in-laws’ dining room table, on the bonnet of a brand new Toyota MR2 in the grounds of Roseville Public School, Cammeray Golf Course, the balcony of a unit in Artarmon and the boardroom table at the law firm.

They also talk about being turned on by watching lesbian movies, having numerous threesomes, visualising their ex-partners during sex, masturbating in the bathroom at work and having an orgy with old women.

Hundreds of mothers said they have been caught having sex by their children and they shared their most horrific stories.

“My daughter walked in and stood there and then asked why is mummy’s head down there going up and down (while she is doing the movements with her head) … I wanted the ground to swallow me up, I was beyond mortified.

“We never heard the child come in the room I just suddenly felt her in the bed next to us!” wrote another. “I’m not sure exactly what she heard or saw — she was very young. It put us off sex for a few weeks! We now religiously lock the door before any lovemaking.”