A BRIDE who married in Las Vegas on a first date has revealed her new groom convinced her parents he was her dream man in just half an hour.

Sarah Elliott and Paul Edwards met for the first time on Christmas Eve at Gatwick Airport before boarding a plane to the US to marry the same day.

But the nanny, 34, admits her "traditional" parents wanted to speak to her husband-to-be, 36, before she married a stranger.

Speaking about their marriage on Good Morning Britain today, Sarah said: “My parents are very traditional, very conservative.

"I rung and told them what was going to happen and said I’ve met someone – well I hadn’t met him yet – and it’s amazing and I’m going to get married.

“They were concerned and the next day they said they’d like to talk to him."

But she says the conversation with Paul, who has two children from a previous marriage, went well and after 30 minutes the pair had warmed to the idea.

Sarah added: "I think it says a lot about who he [Paul] is that he could win them over in half an hour.

“They were fully supportive of us, and the same with your children and family, even though they haven’t met me yet. But I can’t wait to meet them.”

Just like traditional newlyweds, the happy couple appeared loved-up as they held hands for the live TV appearance.

Discussing how physical they are, Paul said: “We’re always holding hands, always hugging and kissing. It's like I’ve known her all my life and this is like my missing link.”

Encouraged by host Ranvir Singh, the pair then kiss for the camera but Sarah quickly pulls away before Paul says: “She’s very shy, we’re very shy.”

Sarah adds: “Our first kiss was our wedding kiss and there are not many couples that can say they never even kissed before they’ve made that commitment to each other.”

Paul, from Chichester, and Sarah, from Tunbridge Wells, but originally from New Zealand, first matched on the dating app on December 15.

They spent the next few days constantly talking on the phone before the idea of getting married was raised by Paul.

He told GMB: “The whole idea of marriage at first sight came up when we were texting.

"I’d never seen it [the TV show] before in my life but we’d connected on so many different levels that the whole meeting and physical attraction thing didn’t matter too much.

“We’d both been on dating sites and apps and I think we’d got bored of them because everything seemed too fake and once we started talking and messaging, everything seemed so real.

"We were open and honest with each other - that to us seemed more important than physical attraction.

“There are lots of things where you go out on date and you pick small parts out of people. You’re looking for reasons for why not to.”

Their first face-to-face meeting was on Christmas Eve at Gatwick Airport - dressed in their full wedding regalia - before boarding a plane to Vegas.

Sarah: “I didn’t know what he looked like. I’d seen three pictures. It’s all been a whirlwind. We got married the same day on Christmas Eve."

“We’d talked on the phone a lot. It was three days before the marriage idea came up I knew. If you know you know.”

They booked the Ballagio Hotel and Casino for their venue and although Sarah admitted the idea was “crazy” they were both determined to go through with it.

Asked whether they fancy each other, Sarah exclaimed: “Absolutely,” and Paul said: “Definitely.”

They both agreed they would have still married if they didn’t find each other attractive.

Sarah said: “It’s about who someone is on the inside. You can marry the gorgeous man of your dreams and the next week, god forbid, he gets horribly disfigured - would he be any different?

"He’s still the same person on the inside so I feel like it didn’t matter.”

The couple say they’re not in love yet, but they’re learning.

Sarah said: “I love him utterly as a person.”

Paul added: “I love Sarah for who she is and just likes marriages across the world, we will grow to love each other.”

Both have been wed before, with Sarah’s previous marriage only lasting six months, and Paul has two daughters aged 13 and 15, from his previous relationship.

It's since emerged that Paul, who works in broadcasting, was jilted by his ex-finacee just a month before they were due to marry earlier this year.

Paul said Teri Shurety, 29, from Farnham, Surrey, who runs a pet services firm, said he was left heartbroken after she broke off the engagement.

He told MailOnline: “My fiance left me four weeks before the wedding so that was £20,000 down the drain and I didn't get a penny of it back. It's taken me quite a while to get back to who I am.”

Sarah is understood to still live with ex-partner but is planning to sell her house so she can move in with her new husband.