BRITS are demanding an all-out blitz on knife crime – with sweeping new powers for police and courts.

Most believe the government has been too soft in tackling the violent crimewave which has cost three young lives in the past week.

Three in four people want the use of blades treated with the same severity as guns, an exclusive poll reveals.

They have called for more cops on the streets, tougher jail sentences for offenders, special police task forces and increased use of stop and search.

Overwhelming public support for a massive police surge on the streets is revealed in a OnePoll survey for The Sun on Sunday.

Anyone who stabs another person should automatically face attempted murder charge, according to 78 per cent of voters

Six in ten believe putting more officers on patrol is the best possible action to reduce knife crime.

But almost as many accuse the courts of being too lenient with offenders and demand much tougher sentencing.

Nearly nine in ten – 86 per cent – want longer jail sentences for offenders caught using knives in a criminal manner.

Anyone who stabs another person should automatically face attempted murder charge, according to 78 per cent of voters.

Four in ten blame the government for failing to tackle the problem earlier – and 27 per cent say it is the Theresa May’s fault for curbing police stop and search powers when she was Home Secretary.

But more than a third of people say parents must bear responsibility. And 52 per cent say parents think they should face prosecution or lose benefits if their under-age kids are caught with knives.

Independent MP John Woodcock, who sits on the Commons home affairs committee, said: “This public know what the Prime Ministers is determined to deny – that more police on the streets ultimately means less crime.

“The government must reverse cuts to police numbers that have played such a major factor in creating the violent crime crisis gripping the country.

“The Sun on Sunday’s poll shows the public are also ahead of politicians on the compelling idea of treating the use of knives with the same severity as gun crime.

Three in four parents admit to worrying about their children being stabbed while out at night, our poll also found.

Four in ten have concerns about their kids might be carrying a knife for “self defence” or trying to join a criminal gang.

And one in ten has personal experience of knife crime in the past three years, either being threatened or attacked with a knife themselves or having a relative or close friend who was.