A British man who danced in celebration, shouting “I’ve killed him” after beating his love rival to death has been jailed for life.

Gavin Casey, 31, attacked Christopher Messenger 36 after his ex-partner offered to make him a cup of tea.

Chilling CCTV footage captured Casey’s manic celebration in a car park.

Casey initially attacked his ex-partner before hitting Messenger with bottles, stamping on his face and finally dropping a TV on him.

Mr Messenger’s body was found by another resident who lived at the shared home in Birmingham in the UK.

He was rushed to hospital but died hours later, the Metro reports.

After the attack on February 9, Casey was caught on CCTV dancing while laughing and shouting “I’ve killed him”.

Hours later he bought drugs and threatened to jump from a gas tower.

Police bodycam footage showed him being arrested after a five-hour standoff, while further footage showed him boasting about the attack to police.

In the video he said he would plead guilty.

“They’re gonna give me ten years on Monday and when I come out after doing my ten years, I’m gonna come out and I’m gonna kill the geezer anyway and do it properly. Simple,” he said.

It was just three days later Casey’s victim died of his injuries and he was charged with murder.

He’s now been ordered to serve a minimum of 20 years in prison after he was found guilty of murder at Birmingham Crown Court.

He was also found guilty of assaulting his ex-partner.

Detective Inspector Paul Joyce, from West Midlands CID, said: “This is a tragic case where a violent man flew into a jealous rage attacking and killing an innocent man. He beat Christopher Messenger, who died in hospital days later.

“Casey did not give a second thought to what he did, instead he laughed about the despicable act he had just committed and left Mr Messenger dying in his room.”