THE “rowdy” British traveller family which has wreaked havoc in New Zealand have left a hotel room strewn with rubbish and smelling of POO, it has been claimed.

A cleaner at a motel in the Wellington area claims it took staff “hours” to clean the room which was covered with cans of Red Bull, spaghetti and ciggie butts.

The family have been served a deportation notice while holidaying in New Zealand after being accused of theft, littering and swearing at locals, allegations that the family deny.

Speaking with the Daily Mail, the unnamed cleaner also claims the family left the room stinking of “kids' poo.”

She said: “It was really messy and it smelt like kids' poo.

“I had to open all the windows, and I told to my boss to leave them open as well as the door, so it could air out.”

The cleaner claims she spent three extra hours scrubbing the floor of the room with a brush to get rid of the putrid smell.

She added: “We had to wash everything.”

It was really messy and it smelt like kids poo

The family rented two hotel rooms – one of which was missing cutlery and a wine glass when they left, the cleaner claims.

They also left used towels in the shower and under a desk, she claims.

She said the family could be heard arguing with each other on the morning of their exit.

They also spent their last day smoking in the room while also refusing requites to pack up and leave when their time had expired, the woman claims.

The unruly Brits eventually left in a car – but not before throwing another can out of the vehicle’s window, it has been claimed.

Staff at the hotel called the group’s behaviour “disrespectful” considering the family have complained about their treatment while staying in New Zealand.

The tourists face claims they trashed a beach, left a cafe without paying, damaged their apartment and allegedly stole a journalist's phone.

One of the family's children was filmed threatening to “knock the brains out” of locals who challenged their behaviour during a week-long trail of chaos.

Footage also shows a young boy from the group giving the finger and yelling at locals outside court in Hamilton today.

A member of the family, Tina Marie Cash, who is seven months pregnant, appeared in court after being arrested for thieving four cans of Red Bull from a service station.

But Ms Cash denies she stole the canned drinks insisting she only pleaded guilty to “pay a $55 fine and leave.”

James Johnson, her brother-in-law, says he has ran out of heart medication but is too scared to go the doctor for fear of being attacked by locals.

The family spoke to Kiwi news outlet Newshub, saying they hadn’t done anything wrong during a phone call while hiding out in the foothills of the capital Wellington.

Mr Johnson said the family felt like “refugees” and that they had been “treated like animals”, while claiming locals had spat and shouted at them.

They are now being deported - but it could take weeks to force them to leave the country if they appeal against the order.

Mr Johnson told Newshub: "We are not Irish, we are not gypsies either. We are English citizens.

"I also know a lot of Irish people, and I think they are very nice and friendly people, and I don't think there should be a racism against Irish either."