A BRITISH teen is fighting for her life in Greece after she was thrown from a quad bike while celebrating the end of her A-levels.

Art student Natasha Stevens, 17, was on a clubbing holidaying with pals in Zante when she suffered the life-threatening injuries.

She posted a snap of herself two days before the crash earlier this month on her hotel balcony with the caption: "Day One".

The student had just left Fleetwood High School in Blackpool after two years and was enjoying a deserved holiday with several pals.

But her devastated family are now battling to raise £35,000 to bring her back to the UK for treatment.

Her tearful sister Amy Stevens, also of Blackpool, said: "The first few days after the accident were heart-breaking. We were told if she was any older she would have not survived.

"She sustained multiple injuries and was rushed to hospital in Zante where she had surgery on her brain to try and stop bleeding and to correct her fractured skull."

Natasha, who also suffered injuries to her abdomen, was transferred to intensive care on the Greek mainland and has been there ever since the crash on July 6.

Amy added: "She has been heavily sedated and ventilated since the accident. The front and left side of her brain have sustained damage.

“Although progress has been made the extent and severity of this damage and the long term effect this may have is currently unknown.”

Natasha's sister Amy set up a GoFundMe page aiming to raise £35,000. So far, more than £13,000 has been donated.

Amy said: “Natasha’s family and friends desperately want her home as she has been in hospital in Greece for three weeks now. To fly her home the cost of the air ambulance is £30,000 which has to be paid upfront.

"Any donations made will be put towards paying for this cost and for any future equipment, physiotherapy, rehabilitation, a wig, travel and accommodation costs she will likely need in order to give her the best chance of a full recovery.

“Please support Natasha and help bring her back to us. We want to see her beautiful smile back on her face.”

Excited Natasha posted an Instagram message a month before the holiday which read: “After two years of hard work I’ve finally finished college!

“It’s been hard but after tonight it was definitely worth it, was such a moment seeing my work up on display.

“Thanks to all my family and friends who’ve helped me through these two years, I definitely wouldn’t have been able to do it without all the support I’ve got. Forever grateful.”