AMAZING! A genuinely independent report into Britain’s economic future predicts we’ll not just survive but thrive after Brexit.

It’s a marked contrast to the politically motivated doom-mongering of the Treasury and the Bank of England, still fighting pre-referendum battles.

Nobody imagines untangling ourselves from a bureaucratic beast with its tentacles around every part of our lawbook is going to be an overnight job.

But a rocky period as we leave is nothing compared with the possibilities it opens up for us in the future.

The CEBR rightly notes that the UK is the leading centre for creative and digital sectors, and one of the biggest financial centres in the world.

As we start to look towards our future outside of the EU, this report is a timely reminder of the strengths we can capitalise on in the years to come.

The Prime Minister must fight over the next three months, until the last ticks of the clock, for a deal that gives us the right to trade freely with the rest of the world without a “backstop” threat.

And she must remind Europe that Britain will be Great even without a deal, too.