Sudanese police have fired tear gas to disperse protesters chanting anti-government slogans in several towns and cities across Sudan.

The protests were initially concentrated in the towns of Atbara, Ed-Damar and Berber in River Nile State, in the north of the country, before spreading to other regions.

At least one person is reported to have been shot dead in the disturbances.

The demonstrators are angered by the rising price of bread and fuel.

On Wednesday, the authorities imposed a state of emergency and a dusk to dawn curfew in Atbara. This was not widely observed, with reports that the police were reluctant to enforce it.

Footage on social media appeared to show protesters attacking the ruling party's offices in Atbara, setting them alight.

Wednesday also saw demonstrations in Port Sudan, a coastal city to the east.

The Sudanese government is expected to remove a raft of subsidies that would lead to further price increases.

The security forces have often used deadly force to break up previous protests over price hikes.