A WOMAN whose son was gunned down in broad daylight has lashed out at his killer in court as he was sentenced to jail for the “audacious and calculated murder”.

Matthew Paul Wiggins, 29, was found guilty in May of murdering former Comanchero bikie Darko Janceski, 32, and causing grievous bodily harm to his father, Slobodan Janceski, in April 2012.

Justice Megan Latham in the NSW Supreme Court on Tuesday sentenced Wiggins to 33 years in prison with a non-parole period of 24-and-a-half years over the “calculated and audacious” killing.

After the sentence was handed down, Darko’s mother yelled out “you will die in jail”, The Daily Telegraph reported.

Darko Janceski was working on a car in front of his parents’ Wollongong home when he was shot three times by Wiggins, who approached on a motorcycle and was wearing a balaclava, sunglasses and a helmet.

His father raced outside to help and picked up a garden stake to lunge at Higgins but was injured in a dramatic fight with the assailant, who left his gun behind.

Slobodan Janceski, a former professional boxer, suffered a broken nose, a shattered jaw and a fractured eye socket yet still managed to knock off the shooter’s helmet and sunglasses. Both items were later linked to Wiggins through DNA testing.

The prosecution contended Wiggins carried out the execution to avenge his missing friend, Goran Nikolovski, who — like Darko Janceski — had allegedly been a standover man for people involved in the drug trade.

The court previously heard that Darko was rumoured to be involved in Mr Nikolovski’s disappearance and was suspected of setting his own house on fire to destroy evidence.

He had survived a similar shooting attempt on his life less than three months before he died and had been staying at his parent’s house after being released from hospital.

Darko’s extortion business meant plenty of people could dislike him.

A jury was discharged in December 2017 after failing to reach verdicts but in May this year a second jury found Wiggins guilty of both charges.

Earlier in 2017, a first trial was aborted for legal reasons.