Australian swimwear model Ariella Nyssa has made international headlines for slamming haters on Instagram who are shaming her for uploading photos of her cellulite.

Over the last week, the 21-year-old model from Sydney, who has over 170,000 Instagram followers, shared a series of body-positive posts as part of a response to trolls who took issue with some of her recent swimsuit snaps, which are photoshop free, Fox News reports.

“Years ago I hated my cellulite,” Nyssa wrote in a recent post, alongside a bikini photo. “I was so insecure about it and as a result I made it my number one priority to tackle what most of society deems as an ‘unhealthy, unattractive flaw.’”

According to Nyssa, body-shamers have accused her of being “unhealthy” or “lazy” because of her cellulite, leading her to take extreme action in an effort to get rid of it.

“During this time I cut out all foods that I loved, I ran and ran on a treadmill and only ever did cardio at the gym. Throughout this time I was constantly tired, my immune system was poor and my mental health and self worth were at an all time low.”

But after “starving herself” and being exhausted all the time — and not seeing the results she wanted — Nyssa says said she became at peace with having cellulite.

“Cellulite doesn’t make you any less beautiful. It isn’t a representation of your health and it DEFINITELY shouldn’t stop you from loving yourself,” Nyssa wrote.

“A completely airbrushed and smooth body is nearly impossible to obtain and is not a representation of YOUR beauty,” she added.

Nyssa says she’s the healthiest and happiest she’s ever been and encouraged others to love themselves in a subsequent post.

“To love [oneself] is the beginning of a lifelong romance. It is not selfish to set aside time to work on loving yourself entirely. Loving [yourself] enough to work on things in your life, to take care of your body. To be kind, to be patient, to be forgiving. Your kindness and compassion on the inside allows you to GLOW on the outside,” she wrote.

“Beauty is subjective. It’s in the eye of the beholder.

“To me, being beautiful is about being kind. It’s about loving everyone you come across and admitting to your mistakes so you can grow.”

Nyssa also shared two separate Instagram posts in which she opened up about her former insecurities. In the first, which was accompanied by a photo of cellulite and stretch marks on her buttocks and thighs, Nyssa urged followers to embrace their “flaws” and to “buy that bikini you have wanted, wear that outfit that you thought would make your love handles stand out.”

In another post, the Instagram influencer claims she spotted several women attempting to cover up or hide their bodies before taking a dip in the ocean — a practice she knew “all too well” because she “used to be” just like them.