After the host of the American Fox News channel Chris Wallace interviewed Russian President Vladimir Putin after the Helsinki summit, he took a vacation and went with his wife to Russia. During the trip, they visited Moscow and St. Petersburg.

Chris Wallace said that after the broadcast of the interview on Russian television he was recognized on the streets of Moscow and St. Petersburg. The journalist noted that, with the exception of these episodes, nobody bothered him with his wife for the entire time of rest in Russia. "There was not a single sign of trouble or something like that," he stressed.

The American broadcaster said that he was seeking permission to interview the Russian president for several months, and received it from the Kremlin after the official announcement of the Russia-US summit in Helsinki. According to Chris Wallace, the only condition of the Russian side was that the Fox News television channel should show the interview on the air entirely, TASS reports.

Interview with Chris Wallace with Vladimir Putin was the first Russian leader's interview with the American media since March this year. For Chris Wallace, it was already the second interview with Vladimir Putin - he had previously talked with him in September 2005.

The record of the interview with Vladimir Putin was made at the Russian embassy in Helsinki after the meeting of the Russian president with Donald Trump. The conversation lasted 35 minutes. During the interview, the Russian leader responded, inter alia, to questions related to the expansion of NATO, the Crimea, the Treaty on the Elimination of Intermediate-Range and Shorter-Range Missiles, guarantees for the security of the DPRK, attempts by the West to isolate Russia, and outside interference in US elections.

As the research service "Nielsen" reported, an interview in Vladimir Putin in the US was able to watch 3.2 million people.