AMAZON has UK sales of almost £9billion and pays less reported tax here than one footballer. It may be legal, but it is obscene.

It is helping to bankrupt High Street chains which pay much higher sums — putting thousands out of work.

Some claim it’s just progress. Tell that to those retail staff, or the millions who like shopping in towns and city centres.

What Amazon does is not illegal. So the law must change.

Business rates must be slashed to help shops survive. Their payments dwarf those on Amazon’s warehouses.

And Amazon (along with the other tech giants) must pay tax not on profit but on every British sale, and stop hiding those transactions in Luxembourg.

Amazon makes almost £2billion global profit per quarter. Its founder is personally worth £110billion.

It can afford to pay vastly more UK tax and must be made to.

WHERE’S Shami Chakrabarti now that her 2016 whitewashing of Labour’s anti-Semitism epidemic has been blown apart?

Jeremy Corbyn, denounced by his own MPs, is grovelling desperately but ineptly in The Guardian. His Shadow Chancellor admits Labour is “shaken to the core”. Neo-Nazis back the party.

And there sits Chakrabarti, in the Lords and the Shadow Cabinet, her reward for giving Labour a near clean bill of health.

It is, and was then, riddled with anti-Semitism from top to bottom. Corbyn’s repugnant speeches and toxic associations attract bigots like flies on dung. But Chakrabarti found almost nothing.

It is incredible to recall the respect she once had as director of Liberty before she shredded her reputation and sold out to the hard-left and unelected power.

If Corbyn really wants to make amends to Jews, he should sack her today... then expel every single guilty MP and member.

A NO-DEAL Brexit is “uncomfortably” likely, says Bank boss Mark Carney. Perhaps so.

The crucial thing, given that he says the financial system is ready for it, is to ensure the rest of Britain is too.

If we let the Remoaners’ fear spread we risk agreeing, in panic, a “bad deal” that shackles us to Brussels for ever.

That must not happen.

SO much for it being solely Leave-voting Little Englanders who want UK-only passport lanes after Brexit.

A huge majority of all Brits do in a YouGov survey — 51 per cent to 19. And Remainers do too, by 40 per cent to 29.

Sneering pro-Brussels fanatics who hate the idea are out of touch with the public — and even with more sensible Remainers.