The parents of a teenage girl who was struck by a car in August 2016 have spoken out about their devastation surrounding the loss of their daughter.

15-year-old Fallon Smart — described as “gentle and generous” — was killed by a speeding car as she crossed Hawthorne Boulevard in Portland, Oregon.

Speaking withOregon Live, parents Fawn Lengvenis and Seth Smart went on to express their shock at discovering that the accused killer, Abdulrahman Sameer Noorah, had fled the US before the trial to go back to his native Saudi Arabia.

Noorah, who was a student at Portland Community College, failed to stop his vehicle after colliding with the teenage girl, onlookers said.

In the first interview since the death of their daughter, Ms Lengvenis and Mr Smart revealed their waning faith in the country’s legal system, after learning that the Saudi government could be complicit in helping Noorah escape trial.

Ms Lengvenis said to Oregon Live: “It’s like the laws of physics go out the door. And it all starts from the beginning again.”

Mr Smart added: “The imagination runs wild. Is he just leading his normal life somewhere? Does he even think about it? Does he even care?”

The parents went on to describe how their lives have been drastically altered since their daughter — who was an aspiring scientist — was killed.

“It almost feels like you’re reading the plot of an intrigue novel. It’s hard to believe that it’s part of your reality,” Ms Lengvenis said.

Following Noorah’s arrest, Ms Lengvenis and Mr Smart conveyed their utter disbelief after learning that the $1 million bail had been posted and the accused killer had been released from jail.

They later discovered that it was highly likely that the Saudi government behind the payment.

Law enforcement believe that the Saudi government provided Noorah with a fake passport and means to exit the country after his release from jail, Oregon Live reported.

“I’m not very hopeful. I don’t think Mr. Noorah is coming back to the United States,” Mr Smart said.