TV HOSTS — and especially female TV hosts — are used to receiving complaints and suggestions from picky viewers.

But this letter received by ABC News Breakfast presenter Virginia Trioli might just take the cake when it comes to absurd criticism.

Trioli, who fronts the morning program alongside Michael Rowland, shared a snap of the old-fashioned, handwritten letter on Twitter this morning with the simple caption: “Mail’s in.”

Within a few hours it had attracted hundreds of comments, likes and retweets from bewildered social media followers.

“Dear Madam, You have a most annoying habit of deliberately shifting your hands from one position to another when you could just clasp them in front of you like your co-host,” the complaint letter began.

“Several women have the same habit, having to hold a pen or their fingertips like Melissa Doyle.

“Others stretch their arms out to the side of the desk. Ray Martin has always had this problem. He never knows what to do with his hands.

“Watching you has been very off-putting and several of my friends say they cannot watch you at all.

“You have a nice smile and voice, so please, just keep your hands still.”

Thankfully, the veteran reporter has been inundated with support from fellow Twitter users, with most making light of the note, and criticising the unnamed sender.

“This person must have a charmed life if your hands are her big issue of the day,” one person tweeted, while another wrote: “Bet this person was a classroom teacher back in the fifties.”

Another posted: “Oh my! Imagine having that much spare time,” while others speculated the sender must be male.

“Unsolicited commentary about appearance — has to be a dude,” one person shared, while another added: “We know it’s a bloke because he compliments her ‘nice smile’.”

But it’s not the first time Trioli has received a nasty letter from a viewer.

Back in 2014, the accomplished journalist was sent an A4 note demanding she have a makeover, complete with criticism over her fashion sense and appearance — and even her glasses.

“I felt I had to write as you are definitely in need of a makeover,” that letter began.

“Please cut your hair short. Get rid of those straggly bits around your neck, and maybe a few highlights!”