“ALIEN forces” are behind a series of strange duckling disappearances in the Northern Territory, a nurse has claimed.

About two months ago, one of Humpty Doo nurse Desi Friend’s ducks went missing – then another, and a third – until a total of eight ducks went missing from her locked yard.

“Mysteriously over the course of two weeks, one by one they disappeared into thin air,” she said.

“There’s no sign of any forced entry, there’s no feathers, there’s no big fat snakes, there’s no dogs, there’s no evidence at all.

“A wild dog couldn’t have got past my dog and would have left feathers or a mess – and a snake couldn’t have eaten eight ducks in three weeks.”

The birds had clipped wings and couldn’t fly, so Ms Friend said it was unlikely her feathered friends escaped themselves.

However, she hadn’t ruled out the possibility of an alien abduction.

“That’s definitely on the cards,” she said.

“Whoever has taken the ducks has taken all the good ducks, and I’ve been left with Squawky Duck and Old Duck, who is a bit senile.

“So it must be alien forces, that have left me my two worst ducks.”

Ms Friend has chickens, horses and a rooster in the same enclosure – all of whom escaped the aliens’ grasp.

It’s the first time pets have been pinched from the Humpty Doo animal lover, which she said must be an indication of their fine taste.

“They must prefer ducks,” Ms Friend said.

“They were Muscovy ducks so they were massive – at least double the size of the regular ones.”

Looking around her 4.5ha property, Ms Friend said there were worse places for an alien to touch down.

“There’s space to land the spaceship,” she said.

The abducktion ranks four out of five Gerrys on the Gerrymeter, the metric used by the NT News to gauge the credibility of extraterrestrial-related news.

The Gerrymeter is named in honour of Nelson MLA Gerry Wood, the NT’s most trustworthy politician and occasional UFO spotter.

It’s not the first time something strange has been reported in Darwin’s rural area.

Earlier this year, McMinns Lagoon amateur astronomer Peter Tibbits reported an object soaring through the night sky.

“It was like a drop of white paint on a black bit of cardboard,” he said.

Late last year, Batchelor resident Sue Fitzgerald said three UFOs covered in red lights came soaring over her home.

The three bright circles were moving towards a floating white orb, she said. “It was travelling so effortlessly.”