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    trackers with reasonable upload rules for videos

    I'm looking to share my sizeable collection with others and seeking a tracker with reasonable upload rules for videos. I'm old, died briefly last year, have no kids, so this will be my legacy (aka the drives will be tossed or sold at auction and erased when I'm gone, so here's the data before that happens). Some of the programs I have are not available in Bluray, DVD, or Web-DLs, so I'm focusing on those first. Some are high quality recordings of gigs I've been to that no one but me has.

    My definition of reasonable for video:
    Anyone can upload. Why there's a special Uploader class with unreasonable requirements on most of the private trackers makes no sense to me. Dimeadozen has a reasonable method, after a month, anyone can upload, but upload something improper or improperly, and a moderator will delete it, PM you what you did wrong, possibly demote or delete your account if you do it again. Works well.

    Allows proper non-scene releases. Proper meaning the only the most important stuff- imdb, tvdb links, thumbnails, upload size, for audio and video: bitrate, resolution, source (if known), codec, etc. No insane requirements like h264 codec parameters- hell if I know what was used for most of the stuff I have. I don't know why there are show descriptions on some posts. If I want to know more about a release, I'll visit the links or do a web search.

    Has no minimum upload release quota to meet.
    I've got a bazillion other projects going on and a full time job, and it would take ten of me to get all the stuff proper for each release over the next 10 years.

    Allows renaming the files/folders from the complex names the scene folks use to something simpler. I keep it as simple as possible (the order of the last 4 parameters in the folder example is not important):

    Awesome Show S01-S05 COMPLETE H264 WEBDL 1080p

    101.Cool Pilot.mkv
    102.Cool 2nd episode.mkv

    If I want to know all the info on a specific file, that's what Mediainfo is for.

    I don't need all the extra stuff in the filename (unless it's a mixed set, the resolution or whatever varies is then useful).
    No "scene" release group name in the filenames (in the folder name is ok, but should not be required). I don't care who ripped it, just report the upload size, bitrate, resolution, source, codec, and I'll have a good idea if the quality is decent. If someone replies, it's to "respect" the scene group, why is this desired?

    I actually downloaded one scene release that had a path length of about 350 chars... my seedbox runs Linux and has no issues downloading it, but when I transferred it to my Windows box, found my SFTP program was able to write it to disk, but Windows Explorer couldn't open it until I renamed the root folder. Max path length for Windows Explorer is like 255 chars.

    I have some highly desired scene releases that someone else renamed. I can see they haven't been posted to any of the private trackers I belong to, likely due to the file renaming policies. I tried fixing one show, but was unable to locate all the original filenames- it's a mixed set with different release groups. So I continue to seed them on public trackers... which is bad because when I die, so does the torrent because there's no ratio rules on public.

    I'm also looking for a tracker that meets the above requirements, and has a large user base. The idea being that the more people that have the file, the more likely it will still exist 100 or 1000 years from now. The most exclusive hard to get into trackers, I have ZERO interest in, as it limits the number of folks who'll have the files.

    If no such tracker exists, I'll create a scene group to do the releases, complete with the insanely long complex filenames....

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    Man thats a tough cookie. Let me ask:

    1. What are you getting at with the file names? Im confused because if you are the originator you can name them anything you desire. Also, when adding the torrent its the same thing As far as titles most of the time. Now for file name of the actual file, I would think that you are free to do what you want as you upload.

    2. In short, I like ImmortalSeed. There is a class, but you simply just ask for it and prove you can seed the torrent. They are pretty chill there. Not hard to get in to and super friendly users.

    Im not sure if this helps but I hope it does.

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