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Thread: [WANT] BlackCat Games

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    [WANT] BlackCat Games


    I've been a long term member of before it closed down, my first baby steps into the world of private trackers. After it closed down, I was devastated. TorrentLeech is now my new home, but I find it lacking in the games department, that's why I'm hoping to score a black cats invite here

    About me, I'm a 32 year old ex-system administrator that now works in the port. Great job and great pay, something IT couldn't provide for me unless I was willing to do 60 hour weeks and getting paid for 40. I've been a long term sharer, always found that an eye for an eye makes the world go round, so I find it normal one seeds after one leeches. I sometimes use or TPB for more 'rare' materials, but for the most part I rely on my private trackers. I'm a trusted and loyal member on all my trackers!

    I have a girlfriend and we're planning on building a house this or next year, two cats that were originally for my girlfriend, but I love them equally I really enjoy gaming (also boardgames), smoking a bowl of weed, drinking some nice beer and I enjoy a nice steak!

    About the invites:

    I can provide proof of my ratio on What.CD, TvTorrents or TorrentLeech, no problem at all. Would like most of all to receive a BlackCat Games invite for free since I'm definitely worth it (lost my previous account because my Xbox crashed and didn't really use it anymore...) But I'm also happy to trade an invite from one of the previous trackers!

    Hope I find what I'm looking for!

    Thanks for reading!

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    first you posted in wrong section,such threads about buying invites should be posted here
    second BlackCat Games has been down for about 3 months
    when it is up again you can easily find free invites or even free sign up
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