I have:
Imagine Tracker - High Buffer with loads of points
Torrentleech Account - 500gb uplaod
Torrentleech invite
x264.me - 100gb buffer, elite user in 4 weeks and start getting invites
M-vids Account - high Buffer
SCC Account - 250gb buffer, old, donor
Scc Invite
GFT Account - Good Account (Ratio Free)
GFT Invite
PTP Account - 25gb uplaod
PTP Invite
Cartoon Chaos Account - 5gb uplaod
Cartoon Chaos Invite
Funfile - 200gb buffer, good account
Tehconnection - ond and 50gb buffer
HD-Torrents - 500gb buffer and 1 year old
Torrent Damdge - 50gb buffer and old
bitme account - 5gb buffer
waffles - 50gb buffer old
tti account - 250gb buffer, old, invite, power user.
coratee - 50gb buffer
Corretee Invites

No crappy offers! You will be ingnored!