Greetings fellow humans,

The highest of honours had been bestowed upon me in the form of a BitMeTV account. Alas, during a period of turmoil which consisted of internet-less days, a great period of inactivity superseded the positive ratio and said account got disabled. It was a worthy account, well treasured and heavily mourned.
I am setting upon a journey to regain my rightful place among the chosen ones; it will be an arduous road, but one I am ready to take with you. Like the mighty paperclip that barter-turned into a mansion, I offer thee, fellow traveller a FANO invite in return. 'T is a smaller faction, but it consists of brave Latvians with copious bandwidths. And they love their freeleech, especially in the packs section, so you're in for a treat.

Will you take this path with me?
[*hitchhikes* *The Lonely Man theme playing in the background*]