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Audionew.org is another specialist torrent tracker like proaudiotorrents and audiozone.
Everything for budding musicians / DJ’s is catered for when it comes to software.
All the big companies who produce quality tools and even the small companies who write good quality tools apps end up on this site.
Soft synths, soft samplers, sequencers / multitrackers, effects and many others are the main torrents found here.
Tutorials quite often get posted as well in the way of written and videos.
So if you are an aspiring guitarist you will find tutorials as well as the tools to help create and lay down your tracks.
Some of the complex apps like Cubase tend to have professionally created videos and these are available as well.

They tend to get new releases quite quickly and the speeds are quite often very good.

They stopped doing invites quite some time ago but they occasionally open up for new member signups or you can donate to get an account.

Overall I find this a very good tracker and I’ve never know it to have any downtime.

Content: 10/10 - People seed for quite a long time and apps, samples etc tend to still be available for a long time after they are released.

Speed: 8/10 - In most cases I believe the initial seeders are using seedboxes on fast connection. Sometimes the seeder might be someone doing it from home but it normally doesn't take long for someone on a fast connection to also co-seed.


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