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    Arrow Have 2x TorrentDay TD/ [WANT] various see post

    Hello there...

    Im obviously new to this forum. However, I see the general concept. Im only here for one reason. I have been a member of TorrentDay for just under 3 years now and have 2 invites Im willing to trade for.

    I have not done my research on which private torrent websites are the best to trade for but I do have specific uses I will use whichever I trade for...

    Mainly I download hard to find, or general TV series. I only want to download them in "HD 720P/1080P" mkv files. I can find crappy SD versions all over public torrent sites. I also download movies but TD the private tracker I have now is great for that.

    So mainly Im looking for the best private torrent site to find high quality TV series season packs in the above quality only, shows like...

    MKV Season Parks in "720/1080P HD quality"
    Face Off Seasons 1,2,4,5
    Lost 2,3,4,5,6
    Heroes All Seasons
    Fringe All Seasons
    Prison Break All Seasons
    Arrow 1,2
    Revolution 1,2
    Under The Dome 1
    Game of Thrones All Seasons
    Breaking Bad All Seasons

    Drugs Inc
    American Greed
    Crime Inc

    Any and all

    The only other thing I was looking for was to download all of the UFC events in great quality UFC 50-current. Im aware you can find them easily now but I was looking for better d/l speeds and quality.

    So if you are interested in TorrentDay invites I have 2 of them, and some of you users who are more experienced or knowledgeable can point me in the right direction on how to find the best tracker for my needs (above) and also how to compare trackers/torrent sites.

    Lastly, I apologize for the long post just new and learning the ropes, wanted to put in words why Im here and what Im looking for, and have to offer.

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    Your best option is BroadcastThe.Net but torrentday is not even near the same league as BTN. So i recomande or or even try Iptorrents because they have lots on hd tvshows & documentarus .

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