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    Have 1 PTM VIP acct, 1 PTM Invite, & 2 IPT Looking for good audiobook tracker & . .

    I am really not that into music, movies, & other entertainment. I am interested in 1 audiobook tracker. Probably myanonmouse, unless you know of any as good or better.

    Also, just interesting things. I like windows software, android software & anything interesting. Funfile sounds like a cool place.

    I would like to get a TL invite, i hear they have a good software selection.

    I am really not holding out for anything great, I am happy to take the short end of the stick to learn about some new places. Just PM me @ swgeneralcl g-mail with a private tracker that you like, and does not have a bad rep for viruses and shady people and I am more than happy to trade. I will post as I aquire and get rid of invites. If you are not a well trusted member of this site, I am still happy to trade but will have to verify your invite/account before I send mine.

    PTM VIP GONE - Have TL now
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