What's the story?
The world of professional wrestling is a strange one. There are very few other professions where Joey Ryan would be one of the most over stars with his current ... gimmick.

However, despite being a strange world, WWE has never failed to attract top celebrities to participate in the regular programming of their shows. From Stephen Amell to Pamela Anderson, WWE has seen celebrities of every kind appear on the show.

Now it appears, there is another celebrity who might be appearing at one of WWE's biggest shows of the year, with them teasing a match for Cardi B at WWE SummerSlam.

In case you didn't know...
Ceelo Green, Stephen Amell, Jesse Ventura, Zeus, Jon Steward -- these are the names of only some of the celebrities who have appeared at WWE SummerSlam as more than a member of the audience.

When Cardi B recently came out as a card-carrying member of the WWE Universe and named the likes of Eddie Guerrero, Triple H, Batista, Edge, Booker T, and Lita as some of her favourite WWE Superstars it was only a matter of time before she would be appearing before the WWE Universe.

The heart of the matter
WWE has never shied away from any mainstream attention that they can bring to their show. From having Wayne Rooney slap Wade Barrett to a scripted feud that turned into a real-life feud between Chris Jericho and Mickey Rourke, they have done it all.

Now, Carmella has gone on to tweet at Cardi B, saying that her wrestling gear was inspired by Cardi B herself.

Carmella showed appreciation to a WWE fan suggesting that she and Cardi B team up at SummerSlam. WWE then followed this up with a WWE Now video teasing a tag team match for SummerSlam with Carmella and Cardi B on the same team.

With WWE's heart apparently set on it, this match could very well happen.

What's next?
Cardi B would not even need to actually wrestle if she agreed to the match. With Braun Strowman and Nicholas being a prime example of what a WWE fan can experience if given the opportunity, a tag team between Cardi B and Carmella is not entirely impossible.

Crazier things have happened in the professional wrestling world.