The first season of Miz & Mrs. has landed on WWE Network, meaning you can now binge-watch TV’s most must-see reality show anytime on demand.

Featuring 20 episodes, Season 1 brings you inside the lives of WWE’s favorite “It” couple, Miz & Maryse. From welcoming their daughter into the world and bidding farewell to the Chateau MarMiz in the Hollywood Hills, to run-ins with wild snakes, a visit to the Renaissance Fair and more than a few “OMG” moments courtesy of Maryse’s mom, Marjo, there’s seldom a dull moment in the A-Lister’s household.

Simply put, Season 1 of Miz & Mrs. is awesome and, now, it’s on demand, too.

The hilarious first season of Miz & Mrs. is now available for binge-watching on the award-winning WWE Network.