Ponting believes India missed out a trick by not selecting Pant for the World Cup BCCI

Rishabh Pant's exclusion from the Indian World Cup squad has been received with mixed reactions from different quarters. While some have insisted that the presence of an experienced player like Dinesh Karthik would serve the team well in a big tournament like the World Cup, others have questioned the move to leave Pant out, stressing on the X-factor that he brings to the table. Delhi Capitals coach Ricky Ponting was the latest to join the second list, mentioning that there is still a bright future in front of the 21-year-old, who according to the former Australia captain will play in 'three or four World Cups'.

"I had a quick chat to him on Monday night, he seems to have taken it pretty well. There's no doubt that he's disappointed, I'm sure he would have loved to have been in that squad, as a lot of other players would have as well. But the thing that he has to remember, and we all have to remember, he's still very, very young. He's got an opportunity to play potentially in another three or four World Cups during the course of his career," Ponting said on Wednesday (April 17)

"I was surprised when he was left out of the squad. I thought he'll be in and I thought he'll actually play in the starting eleven. I thought that someone like him batting at No. 4 or 5 in their side would have just been that sort of player who could have had that X-factor about him that could have been the difference between India and some other teams in the World Cup. One thing that we know about Indian cricket is that there is a lot of depth around, particularly around the batting side. Unfortunately this time Rishabh is the one that has missed out but as I said, I think knowing what he's like and the talent he's got I'll be surprised if he doesn't play at least three World Cups before his career is over."

Ponting said the left-hander has gotten over the disappointment, having taken it in his stride and is now focused on doing well in the remainder of the IPL, which is enough motivation to keep him going. "I think it's really important now that he focuses on the little things that's going to make him a good player for us. There's nothing he can do now, obviously doesn't matter how many runs he scores from hereon until the World Cup starts, he can't get into that squad. What he can only focus on now is win games for the Delhi Capitals. I think there's enough motivation there for him with that, he's talked a lot about wanting to be a successful part of a successful Delhi team. We've got that opportunity now over the next month.

"What's been a negative thing for him, not being picked in the Indian team, I think it'll be a really positive thing for the Delhi Capitals. I'm really happy that that decision has been made now and he can focus just being the best player that he can be for the Capitals through the back half of this tournament. As I said a few games ago, he's won one game for us single-handedly, which is the game in Mumbai, he had a big impact in that game that we won in Kolkata and I'm sure with the time that goes on you'll see him win more games for us," Ponting added.

While some of the criticism directed at Pant is that he tends to get impatient and not play according to the situation, Ponting wasn't buying that as he spoke about a couple of performances in this IPL from the wicketkeeper-batsman which helped the Capitals over the line. The exclusion, according to Ponting, will see an even more determined Pant in the second half of the 2019 edition.

"I don't think he's impatient, he's a very smart player. He sums up conditions very well, he sums up situations in games very well as far as I'm concerned. But then they've got their reasons for not having him in the World Cup squad. I know what I know of him, he's a very talented and very determined player and I actually think that him missing out, you might see a different player in the back half of this IPL. His determination while shine through and I'm sure he'll score heavily in the back half of this tournament."