"What happens when we fail is that we think too much and in the process fail to take a decision." AFP

Soumya Sarkar said that as disappointed as Bangladesh are to have lost the series 0-3 to Sri Lanka, they might have paid the price for thinking too much.

Sri Lanka clean-swept the tourists in the three-match ODI series where they arrived as favorites considering their recent form, but not only had they failed to perform close to potential, they eventually surrendered rather meekly.

"We are all disappointed because we lost the series 3-0," Sarkar said on Wednesday (July 31). "When we lost the first two we all were thinking about coming back into the third match strongly. But today we lost once again. So, we are all upset. We played poorly, we have to accept that. The more important thing is that Sri Lanka have won a series after four years, home conditions or anywhere because they played well. If we could have played our best or give our best performance in all three departments, then the scenario would have been a lot better than this.

"We are trying to overcome those mistakes through practice. I didn't score runs in the first two matches, those who also didn't score were trying really hard. in practice, even in the room due to security and all the time we were talking of how to make a comeback,'' he said.

''Maybe all were too worried. Sometimes results don't come because of too much tension. What happens when we fail is that we think too much and in the process fail to take a decision like whether we should play our normal game or should we abandon it and go into a shell and all those things,'' he said.

Soumya added that he does not believe the absence of Shakib Al Hasan is the only reason behind their loss. Rather, he felt they should take the blame on themselves for performing in this manner.

"No, it's not like that. If one player would have been here it would be different, it is not like that. Or with one's performance we would have won the match, that's not right too,

''But it could have happened that if he was here, others could have played better because of his motivation, the innings might have been different. Those who got out early, if he scored runs there, they might have gone to the pitch later and the wicket would have been different then. Who is not here, we can't talk about him. Those who were here... we couldn't play well that's why this result,'' he said.

''We have to take the blame. I admit that sometimes it looked bad that we repeated the same mistakes again and again."