Sometimes, having the best performance of the week isnít about having the biggest win but the best attitude. Seth Rollins didnít necessarily shake the earth with his one victory on Raw, a grinder over Sami Zayn in the main event. But he has responded with characteristic bravery to a unique challenge: Waiting out a potential year of Brock Lesnar holding the Money in the Bank contract over his head.

On the raucous third hour of Monday Night Raw, The Beastslayer takes on ďThe Critic of the CriticsĒ in an impromptu main event.

Yes, thanks to Paul Heymanís affinity for actually reading the contract, Lesnar is no longer compelled to call his shot against a World Champion and pretty gleefully implied he was going to let Rollins (or even WWE Champion Kofi Kingston) stew for as long as he felt like. That Rollins responded with even more fire in the ring is probably the biggest possible statement on how heís going to approach this daunting challenge. Itíll only get rougher from here, but for Week 1 of the Brock Lesnar waiting game, Superstar of the Week goes to Seth Rollins.