Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) play-by-play ace Jon Anik doesn’t like how referee Marc Goddard deals with fighters, commentators and others.

Kamaru Usman put on a brilliant display at UFC 235 against Tyron Woodley. Usman dominated Woodley with his grappling and even in the stand-up to capture the UFC welterweight gold via unanimous decision. The commentators on duty that night criticized referee Marc Goddard for constantly standing Usman back up despite being active on the ground.

When asked if Goddard went too far with the constant stand-ups in the co-main event.

It didn’t take long for Goddard to deliver a response.

“The only thing wildly inconsistent is your and your co-comms recollection and observation of ACTUAL events. I’ll save my side for later.”

Anik didn’t hold back and let Goddard know how he feels about his approach to fighters and commentators

“I always try to be respectful. We are just calling it like we see it, too. But there is an arrogance with which you deal with the fighters, commentators and many in this sport. And I find it off-putting. One man’s take. And I’m quite sure you’ll give yours for everyone to hear.”