Tyson Fury fully believes he bested Deontay Wilder when they shared the ring with one another in December. Fury challenged for Wilder’s WBC heavyweight title, but was unsuccessful in his attempt as the judges turned in a controversial Split Draw decision.

“The Gypsy King” outboxed Wilder over the course of 12 rounds, but it was “The Bronze Bomber” who scored the only two knockdowns of the fight. After the contest, talk of an immediate rematch took the boxing world by storm. However, putting such a fight together has proven to be difficult as of late. Wilder has re-signed with Showtime for three more fights, and Fury is now aliged with ESPN and Top Rank Boxing.

Speaking to BT Sport about fighting Wilder again soon, Fury said the fight will happen – just not next (via Boxing Scene):

“How soon do you call soon?,” Fury asked. “Tomorrow? The next day? Next week? Next month? Next year? It’s gonna happen. It was a great fight. Me and Wilder put on a good show, so the fight’s got to happen sooner or later.

“It won’t be next, as we know, because I’m fighting Tom Schwarz and he’s fighting Dominic Breazeale. So hopefully, we get it on after that.”

Fury then doubled down on his belief that he was the true victor against Wilder back in December. The Englishman called Wilder a “bum” and said the world knows he beat him when they first fought in Los Angeles. If they never fight again, Fury won’t lose any sleep over it:

“Deontay can go and – I’m not gonna say what he can go and do,” Fury said. “But Deontay already got beat by me in LA. The world knows it. I have no interest in him at all. If the fight happens, it happens. He already lost and he knows it. His promoter knows it.

“His trainer left ringside before the decision got announced. So Deontay’s a nobody. Let’s face it – he was a nobody before he faced me. He lost to me, he’s still a nobody. So, it is what it is. I have no interest in talking about the bum. A big bum, dosser, that’s all he is.”