Velveteen Dream made a big impact at Saturday's NXT TakeOver despite not even having a match on the show

Triple H admits NXT's Velveteen Dream is already a star but says it is vital the company takes the right next steps with him.

The enormously charismatic 23-year-old did not wrestle at the NXT TakeOver event at the Phoenix Suns' basketball arena on Saturday night, but he was seen in the crowd and was part of a post-event brawl after the show went off the air.

After the show, Triple H told Sky Sports that Dream's absence from the card showed the depth in quality currently in NXT, and what needs to happen next for the former Tough Enough competitor to progress to the next level.

"The dude is a star, but you can only fit so many people into a card," he said. "Him not being on the show, you can only fit so many people.

"It's a funny thing in our business, it's like well, 'Where was this person on the show?' If it was UFC they're not all on every card, they don't fight all the time.

"I think that's part of the awesome aspect of this and the variety of it, you're not seeing everybody, every single time, and you're not doing all that stuff. (Dream) had star moments tonight, to me, in just the little bit of stuff he did. He walked out there and sat in the crowd."

And he added: "It's all little steps of being a star, right? The one thing about Velveteen Dream - I think that everybody fails to realise with him - is he's been in the business for a minute. How far he is and how big of a star, and how he gets this, it's awesome.

"I think you want to make sure he takes the right steps to get there in the right manner, so that it all works in the best way possible and doesn't become too much, too soon, in the wrong way where you put him in a position where he might not be ready for it, or could fail."