Mauricio Pochettino says Tottenham's bid to beat wealthier rivals to the Premier League title is similar to Fernando Alonso's attempt to win the Formula One crown with McLaren.

Lewis Hamilton claimed his fifth F1 world title in 2018 driving a Mercedes, while two-time winner Alonso finished 11th in the drivers' championship in a McLaren.

Pochettino can see parallels as his Spurs side aim to overtake second-placed Manchester City on Saturday and close in on leaders Liverpool, pointing out the difference in resources after Tottenham ended a second successive transfer window without a single signing.

"When you work in football, it's because you want to win," he said. "It's easy to be passionate and shout, 'I'm a winner!' but no, no, no. You can be a winner, but if you don't have the tools to win, it's difficult.

"If you have the car to win and you're good, then you win. If you have the same car as another who is good, then one is going to win and the other is going to lose.

"Take the example of Fernando Alonso and compare with Hamilton. Fernando Alonso and Lewis Hamilton are the best drivers in Formula One. But if you put Hamilton in McLaren last season and Alonso in Mercedes, it's the same history [with where the cars would have finished] -- Hamilton on the bottom and Alonso on the top. That's the reality. Where did Alonso finish last season with McLaren?

"I follow Formula One. I love McLaren, but it wasn't competitive last season. That's the reality, no? But do you think that's a problem with Alonso or a problem with the car?

"It happens also that you have an amazing car but you crash after the first bend. You can crash too with an amazing car and not win. For me, that's a very good example."

Fernando Llorente could again lead the line against Newcastle on Saturday, having scored the late winner in Wednesday's 2-1 victory over Watford.

"I was so happy for him because it's not easy to be behind a player like Harry Kane, waiting for your opportunity," said Pochettino. "Then when you get the opportunity everyone's expecting you to score three goals every game, and that in every single action you will be right and successful.

"It's not fair sometimes how we judge players who do not play too much and don't feel that confidence. He's building his confidence all the time and this is a massive boost for him."

Pochettino used a 3-4-2-1 system in midweek, with wing-backs pushed forward, and the strategy paid off for the winning goal as Danny Rose delivered the cross for Llorente's header.

However, Pochettino said the system has not been chosen because of Llorente's aerial threat.

"No, we play it with Harry Kane too," said Pochettino. "It's more about the strategy that we want to develop on the pitch, the capacity to be flexible and change the game and find different ways. It's a thing that's so important for us.

"If you have players you can use in different positions then it's important to be flexible and try to provide the team with different tools to perform."