T.J. Dillashaw is still fuming following the controversial stoppage of the UFC Brooklyn main event this past Saturday night, which saw Henry Cejudo successfully defend his flyweight championship against him. Many people, including Cejudo, believe that Dillashawís response and contesting of the outcome is reflective of a sore loser. In a recent appearance on ďThe Ariel Helwani MMA Show,Ē Dillashaw did not shy away from this trait (Transcript via MMA Mania):

ďLetís be honest, Iíve never said I wasnít a sore loser,Ē Dillashaw said. ďI donít take losing very well. Thatís not a guess about me. I let my emotions get the best of me, thatís why Iím so competitive and thatís why I am who I am.

ďThatís why I put that many hours into the gym and train as hard as I do. Even in practice I get pissed when I lose. You know? Iíve been known for that. My emotions get the best of me.Ē

Despite this confession, Dillashaw believes that he has a legitimate gripe regarding the stoppage, and he takes no pleasure in having to argue about the outcome instead of congratulating Cejudo for a job well done.

ďIf anybodyís been in my situation or just competing in general, you know what thatís like. And I want to be here congratulating Cejudo, first and foremost, I want to make sure that comes across. That is how I feel and know he put in a bunch of hard work, I donít want to take away anything from his victory or his accolades or what heís done.Ē

Ultimately, T.J. Dillashaw attributes the outcome to forces outside of himself and believes that this loss was not only controversial but a fluke:

ďHe looked great, has a great camp and I am happy for the guy, good for him. That doesnít mean I donít want to beat him. If we fight that fight 100 times, I will win 99 of them. This, unfortunately, was that one fight.Ē