The all new app from Standard Chartered has what it takes to whet the appetite of the Reds supporters...
In today’s day and age, the utility of smartphones has become nonpareil. With a host of applications to suit virtually any and every segment of users, the battle of being your mobile phone’s most used application in a specific category is just heating up, especially in the world of football.

This is where Liverpool FC and Standard Chartered seek to distinguish themselves amongst a clutch of mobile phone applications and be the undisputed kings of content, innovation and improvisation for its loyal supporter base.

Liverpool FC and Standard Chartered have joined hands to unite fans of the historic club under the Stand Red campaign, which promotes the love of all things associated with the club and promises to integrate the fans with the fabric of the club even further.

Stand Red App screen
Through the Stand Red app, Standard Chartered aims unify Liverpool FC fans all over the world, inviting them to join the build up every Premier League match day.

The Stand Red app, available FREE on the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store, has been fine-tuned to ensure every Liverpool supporter is never more than a touch away to his favourite football club. The interactive design of the application ensures a very smooth navigation through the four primary segments.

As soon as you start the application, the landing page highlights the club’s next opponent, while a digital ticker counts down to matchday. The page has a facility to ensure you get a reminder on the day of the kick-off.

There is also a section where you can set alarms where none other than Jürgen Klopp or even Reds legends or first team players give you a call up before Liverpool’s Premier League matches.

Stand Red 3Stand Red 4

The next page is called “Shirt Stories”. A very novel concept, these are largely animated short videos of match previews. Through the clever use of technology, these animations can be played on your Red Liverpool FC jersey.

The notion that a shirt is meant to be just worn on matchday is a theory they seek to debunk, by making it a hub for entertainment and information on the club’s next opponents. The stories are gripping and intertwined with a storyline. Overall a fantastic concept to use in an application.

The third section is called “StandRed with Us”. Fans are able to touch the iconic “This is Anfield” sign half an hour before kick-off to show their support for the club, which can then be shared on their social media platforms. It’s the ambition that Standard Chartered has to unites the Reds global fan-base to #StandRed and support their beloved club minutes before kick-off.

Lastly, the fourth segment displays the number of supporters who interacted with the sign, with the team, while a social media aggregator displays all fan posts that mentions the hashtag #StandRed, from all over the world.

The application’s fluid programming is a boon, while the Shirt Stories section really interesting to use. Overall, a must have for the supporters of this great club to be united and Stand Red under one banner.