Where one door closes, another one opens, and now that Roman Reigns is done with Elias and Shane McMahon is through with The Miz, the two can finally turn their attention toward each other. After all, Elias was Shane’s hired hand to pay Roman back for Superman Punching Mr. McMahon a few weeks back, and there’s clearly some unfinished business there. Reigns was all for throwing down on the spot against Shane-O-Mac after the McMahon scion interrupted The Big Dog’s in-ring appearance, and despite some initial hesitance on the part of Shane, he eventually accepted with one caveat: That the match happen in two weeks at WWE Super ShowDown. Of course, with Drew McIntyre flanking Shane for the second half of the confrontation, Shane has seemingly used his money to secure himself some muscle. A wise use of resources, to be sure. But “The Best in the World” might have tipped his hand a bit too emphatically: Now, Reigns knows what he’s up against.